Maria LiPuma


Maria LiPuma, Health & Wellness Coach & Energist Trainer

I am passionate about my life's work and grateful to have the opportunity to do it. As a result of my personal and professional background I bring a unique understanding of the pain and struggle that people today often face. Being able to share what I have learned and help people heal is tremendously rewarding. In addition, I get to meet and work with some of the most amazing people.

For years I struggled with my own challenges with addictive behaviors, low self esteem, relationship problems, food, weight and body image. Motivated by my desire to end the struggle and find peace in in these areas, I learned a lot. The path I have traveled and the healing I have experienced inspire the passion for the work I feel called to do today.

Among the many strategies and tools that I have learned and applied to my own life (and now teach to my clients), Heart Centred Modern Energy techniques have had the greatest impact in achieving results. They have been invaluable tools in helping me to make peace with my emotions, addictions and body image, stop the self-sabotage and finally step into my life in a positive way. These techniques have empowered me to make the choices that reflect self-love and self-respect in all areas of my life.

My Education & Training include:

Master’s Degree in Education

Eating Disorder & Addictive Behaviors Counselor

AMT/GoE Energist Trainer 

Modern Stress Management Facilitator

EFT Master Practitioner

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

EmoTrance Practitioner

Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator

Food Psychology Coach